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Coverking, an industry leader in custom car coverings, recently annouced new Custom Dash and Rear Deck Covers for your 2010 Buick Allure.  These deck covers are great for those living in the areas with lots of hot sunshine.  They are built to keep the dash areas cooler and reduce the heat on the inside of the vehicle as a result. 

Also stylish, these covers are available in Velour, Poly Carpet, and Molded Carpet.  The Molded Carpet is the ultimate as it retains its molded shape for life, and is guaranteed to do just that! 

Available at our webstore, you can find lots of other great Coverking products for your new Buick Allure, or any of your other vehicles.  We also feature covers for your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, RV, Boat, Camper, Jet Ski, Snomobile, Golf Cart, and your Pets and Patio Furniture!  At Car Covers 4, we not only focus on great car covers, but also about helping you cover anything else you have!  Keep your eyes peeled for our latest discounts or special sales, and save some extra cash while you shop!  We also offer Free Shipping on all orders over $99.99 – and Toll Free assistance for any questions you may have, or when you’re ready to place your order.  So cruise on by today and let us help you get things covered up right! 


Have you been searching for something better to keep the sun out of your 2010 Buick Allure on those hot days?  Would you love to find something to keep your seats and steering wheel from scalding you when you get in your car to go home?  Well, fear not friends - there is hope! 

Most of us have, or are aware of, sunshields for cars.  They are handy because they can be put inside the front windshield when we leave our vehicle outside on warm, sunny days, and they do a great job of keeping the inside cooler.  So we don’t burn ourselves on the hot seats when we get back in.  They also do a fine job of keeping the sun’s UV rays from fading our dash and seats. 

For the most part, the common sunshield has been a fold-out, cardboard gizmo that unfolds when you need it, and folds back up when you don’t.  A big down side to them is that they are generally a one-size-fits-all accessory, which may or may not fit your vehicle.  Another drawback is that they get dinged up, sometimes wet, sometimes soggy, and pretty soon – they aren’t so good.  And then – you’re stuck with nothing – or – buying another new one.

Well, our friends at Coverking have gone out and taken things up a notch, using more advanced laminated materials, which do a much better job of reflecting out the sun’s UV rays.  They are also much sturdier and will then last you a whole lot longer!  Coverking also decided to create custom fit sunshields made specifically for each vehicle.  This gives you a shield that is cut precisely to the contours of your car’s windshield!  So you get a sturdier, more effective, better fitting sunshield.  Sweet!

The Coverking Custom Sunshield has taken this common gizmo, and made it part of the 21st Century!  They make sense, they work, they last, and they’re made to fit most vehicles on the road today!  At, we they are made to fit most vehicles on the road today.  They have just added a sunshield for the 2010 Buick Allure – which has to be a welcome sign for all of you Buick fans!

Do yourself ( or your spouse, child, or sweetie ) a favor, and keep your vehicle cooler this summer with a new Sunshield at  And save some cash while you’re shopping with us, too.  Check for our frequent sales and special discounts, and be sure to check out all of our other Buick Allure Covers and Car Accessories while you’re there!  We can help cover your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, golf cart, or your pet kennel.  We even have covers for your patio furniture.  At, we’re about car covers for sure – but we’re also about helping you cover just about anything!  So, give us a look!

You can also take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING, available on all UPS orders over $99.99 – and our TOLL FREE phone lines to place your orders, or to answer your questions.  So come by and see us today, and get all your things covered up right!