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Isn’t it crazy to see how popular golf carts have become.  In the past decade or two, these mobile machines have gone from a luxury toy for the golfing lazy – to a dependable means of transportation for all kinds businesses and activities.  You will find golf carts these days in manufacturing buildings and plants, amusement parks, schools, campuses, and anyplace where various segments are spread out.

Carts are handy because they are easy to use, don’t consume much fuel or energy, and are more economical than driving the company truck around the yard!  And they sure beat walking!!  The carts are simple to drive and maneuver, provide for two passengers and plenty of gear, and can even be covered to keep you cool or dry!

All of this increase in use and application has also led to a boom in golf cart accessories!  Imagine that!  You can customize the look of your cart by upgrading wheels and rims, custom seat covers, floor mats, and more.  One of the best aftermarket goodies for these though, is also the most functional – the golf cart covers. 

Whether you just want to keep your cart clean and dry, or whether you want to keep yourself clean and dry on the course – or around the plant – golf cart covers are made to do the job!  Available now in a variety of covers and styles, you can get them to cover the cart when you’re not using it.  Indoors or outdoors, the covers work well to keep the dirt, dust, insects, bird poop, tree sap, and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at it, away! 

You can also get golf cart covers that shelter you from the heat of the sun or the wet of the rain.  Covers are available for just the top of the cart, the top and front, the top & back, the top and front and sides, or the whole thing.  I’m thinking you’re a pretty dedicated golfer to be out in weather requiring a full cart cover – but I’m sure there are lots of you out there!!

So if this sounds like you, your pastime, or your business, take some time and come see us at, and see what we can do for you and your golf cart!  And by all means, invest in golf cart covers to at least keep your cart protected.  Anything beyond that is totally up to you and your passion!